A Financial Pandemic

In March of 2020 I anxiously published this post with my candid thoughts on what I believed would be a large and growing issue.

I then emailed my immediate family the post (with a few more thoughts) which is rare and desperately uncharacteristic of me as I rarely desire to send anyone more email, especially those close to me.

But, desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes I can do no other! So this morning I booted up our our “old skool” Google Group and emailed the following them the following:

Here it is, but I capitalized words this time:


Hi. This will sound a bit like my thoughts re: covid-19 in early-2020 and a bit hyperbolic but… whatever. In short, I strongly believe that the financial markets (especially in the US but even more specifically the US dollar’s value) are headed toward a “pandemic-like” outcome.

I’m not a financial advisor and my “expertise” here is professionally-amateur; about the same as it was when I made my pandemic prediction. I don’t have any good advice outside of one: Increase your exposure to sound money.

Currently, I believe the best option for a “sound money investment” is Bitcoin. It is mathematically-transparent, boringly-predictable and this gives it unique strength; antifragile actually.

Price isn’t the point; getting some is. Any, as much as you conservatively can. If you can allocate even 5% of your liquid net-worth you’d be in a strong, enviable position short and long-term. 

My confidence here is so high that I’d be willing to back each one of you on that 5% so that in the chance that it goes to zero I’d cover the entire loss.

I love you all but here’s the honest truth… (and why this might read crazy for some of you)… I am more anxious about this imminent financial crisis than that of the viral pandemic of 2020… and you all know what I did to make my family safe in the pandemic.

If you need advice on how to get started, I am here to answer any question you may have. I am in your service.


I have 7 immediate family members and mathematically I have a high-degree of certainty that I could cover 5% of all of their liquid net-worth today. Thankfully, I believe there is a zero percent chance that I’d ever have to do this because:

  1. Most of my family will not do this, just like most of the folks in the world and most of my readers — yes, even you. YOU.
  2. If they do, they will not commit to 5%; most likely something much, much less and more “exploratory” or perfunctory than anything else; maybe to make their oldest brother happy. LOL. But, at least they are in the right game, even if I have personally guaranteed that they’d be made completely whole if it goes badly.
  3. Bitcoin is a sound money and is a sound investment and I currently sit on the right side of history.

I am most definitely not a “Bitcoin Maximalist” because I take profits when I think it’s reasonable and especially when I need cash for “old-world” items. I am — and will forever be — a pragmatist and my current role as a provider demands that I give a really big fuck about the financial future and safety of my family.

I mean, that’s true for you too, right?

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