Finding Your Mission

This video is amazing:

There are 100 things that I’d like to comment on, but instead I suggest that you watch it a few times. I’m on my 4th time now.  A few things I’ve captured:

  • I want to try telling folks “that I’m on a mission” next time someone asks me what I do. I’d love to see their reaction!
  • Having a mission is better than just having a job. A “mission mindset” is powerful.
  • Adopting a level of seriousness is crucial. Focus is how we become more serious in our thoughts and our behavior.
  • Precision over breadth. Requires planning.
  • Adopting your own mission ensures that you’re not borrowing or just drafting on someone else’s mission. This level of ownership is also crucial.
  • Mission is about what can help other people the most with your own skills, talents, and experiences. It’s about optimizing your own aptitudes towards others.
  • To figure all of this out you need to get help, coaching, counsel from others, introspection, and a ton of experimentation.
  • The solution is when and where your skills and aptitude connect with the needs of the world.
  • Comparing the value or magnitude of your own mission with others is a fruitless activity and is a waste of time. Alignment is more important than estimated impact.

Wow. I just love thinking about these things.