On The ‘To Do’ List: Get Fired From My Job This Year

If you’ve got any entrepreneurial bug in you at all then this coming year might be the year you get fired (again). It’s going to be rough and it’s going to sting, a lot if we’re honest with ourselves, but it might just be the best thing that could happen to you this coming year.

Sure, most of us are not looking to get fired and most people don’t put it on their list of “To Do’s” but some of you are acting in such a way or have the attitude that literally screams “Fire Me Now!” I’m here to tell you that that’s ok, especially if this is the year you realize that you are, truly, a serial entrepreneur; that you realize you’re much more than a 9-5er.

It’s not that you can’t “do” the corporate lifestyle or survive in the corporate setting – it’s that you can’t and most likely won’t ever thrive in that environment. You could do incredible work and make some of the businesses that you work for tons and tons of money and bring them loads of success; but you, as a person and creative professional will never see those things for yourself.

Why? You’ve sacrificed a part of who you are. You’ve compromised some of your own dreams and goals for someone else’s. And you’ve been doing it for a long, long time.

But it’s definitely not sustainable because we simply aren’t made to be split in two (or more) pieces as we spend our time here and there and everywhere.

Just walk through this list of things that could (should) get you fired this year – are you (have you been) doing these things as of late?

  • Waking up dreading the coming workday.
  • Going to sleep feeling unfulfilled.
  • Spending your hours at work thinking about starting your own business.
  • Spending your hours at work working on your own little side business.
  • Moonlight, daylighting, and everything in between.
  • Find yourself having more fun in your creative side project than the one that pays the bills.
  • Feeling a bit guilty that your employer doesn’t know that you hate your current job but love the idea of the job you wish you had infinitely more.
  • Blogging, coding, writing, doodling, during your lunch hours (and beyond).
  • Find yourself passionately sharing your ideas with coworkers about anything else but work.
  • Complaining to your spouse or partner or significant other often that you were “created for something better.”
  • Find yourself willing (and talking about) taking a smaller salary just so that you can do what you feel you were made to do.
  • Apathy and boredom seem to be relatively close companions of late, not by choice but by circumstance. You’d really like to ditch them soon too.

If any of these fit you then you might be looking to get fired this year. Either you will do it yourself or your employer will do it for you. This is the year folks. There’s no time to waste.

You see, some of the greatest entrepreneurs and creatives got fired from their jobs. Repeatedly. Some even got fired from the companies that they started. These people ended up changing the world.

A few things to remember as you get ready for the proverbial axe:

  • You’re a (budding) entrepreneur. This is what happens. There’s nothing wrong with it.
  • You have already learned to take risks. Daylighting and moonlighting are inherently risky business!
  • You see something that perhaps no one else does. This doesn’t mean that you’re crazy, it means that you have an opportunity no one else has.
  • Do not be afraid of failure. Getting fired does not mean you failed. It means you lost a job. That’s it.
  • Stay poised, stay humble, and stay thankful. Your persistence in getting fired with grace is everything.
  • Take ownership, learn what went wrong, and grow from there.
  • Except the risk and know that it’s a good thing. Cliche as it is it’s true: Nothing worth doing was ever easy. Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led diffcult lives and led them well.”
  • Become a leader through it. You are one because you went first. You are one because you didn’t stay, even if it wasn’t your decision (but it probably was).

Can’t wait to hear the stories that come out of this coming year! Please make sure to return and tell me that “Getting fired was the best thing that could have ever happened to me!

I’ll be waiting.