TentBlogger Now Partnering with FireHost

It’s been an amazing few days as I have successfully provisioned some new hardware to take on the challenge of managing and hosting not only this blog and community but also some of the applications that my team is creating for public use and consumption.

To find the right hosting provider has proven to be an even larger challenge than it has been historically with my experience with failed hosting providers, terrible customer support, and general angst via significant downtime. Meticulous (and cautious) preparation, conversations with multiple providers, and the required due diligence were necessary.

But I’m pleased to share with you that I’ve found a great solution to take the ball forward and a team that’s willing to take on the challenge of managing the unique needs that I have! FireHost has come to my rescue!

They have some amazing customer support, some great equipment, and some amazing security systems in place to keep us up and running.

They also have a really slick backend customer portal as well:

So far the sites are up and running with even more performance and speed than before!

Also, as mentioned, check out the sweet security measurements we’ve got running as well:

Feeling pretty secure with these guys.

They are officially my web hosting partner and I’m elated to have them work with us, now and for the long-haul.

As a result I’ve updated my Ultimate WordPress Hosting post with them as well as sharing some new developments in the environment – the performance tweaks and new software I’ve been running is kicking serious booty!

Thanks everyone for you patience and support!