First Day of School, 2019

The first day of school came and went but it was extra-special this year since Arden is coming out of her time in Homeschool (or Hacking School as we call it) and it’s the first time in a long time where we don’t have one of them home in the house.

It’s the end of an era… maybe.

They are both attending the same project-based school in The Mission and so far they haven’t killed each other — having siblings at the same school can be awkward and frustrating, among many things.

We decided to take a walk together over to school via BART because the idea, hopefully sooner rather than later, is that they are able to walk themselves to school without the assistance of an adult.

Roenne has been doing this for a while with her older friends but this is new for the younger one. Shadowing them for a few weeks (or months…?) is the right recipe moving forward.

I’m excited to see them grow-up, although, it’s moving far too fast.

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