First Entry Into Xanga

Well, here is my first entry into Xanga.  My girlfriend has convinced me that I need to start this journal or some sorts relating whats going on in my life, ect. ect. ect…  Online journal, bleh.  What’s a journal if it isn’t private?  Doesn’t seem to make sense…  But, what the hell, we’ll see where we can go with this. 

Project: XANGA

Right now, interestingly enough, I’m sitting in my cubicle, doing my internship thing, and not doing anything… nahmene?!?  My manager is out for the day, and I just finished writing some javascript code for this new prototype webpage.  My project is complete, and I’m riding the wave of ‘Wat the hell am I supposed to do now?!’.  So here I am, you know, doing one of those things that would get you ‘fired if caught’ things.  Using their resources and time, while being on the clock and getting paid, to do some personal stuff.  HAHA.  Good ol’ Adam Smith and Laissez-Faire economy.  Anyway, I got this nice azz box, black IBM Dual-Processor P4, and a huge twenty-something size monitor, probably like 25 inch or something.  All new, and I’ve got my own phone line, cubicle, drawers, the works, my own printer…  And here I am, listening to KRS-One, “Step Into A World”, on my new IPOD (gotta get one of these!), and I’m not doing shizzit.  Loungin’ in dis nice azz chair… oh man, getting paid some mad chedda… ugh.

Aight, so… what do I say now?  It’s about 12:30 and I’m supposed to be on my lunch break, but it seems like the rest of the day is gonna be a lunch break.  I’m trying to redesign my own E-business page, right now, it’s all basic prototyping, and since the new version, Macromedia’s Flash MX, came out, I gotta revamp all that stuff for it…  Check its out @  Right now, its just some protype, actually, v3.01.  I’m periodically testing new ideas and such, so check back if you need some Flash designing… Yah?  I’ll be hittin up a mad deal, I’ll do some architect and design for free…!  FREE!  When I get the new site up and loaded.  True…

So.  Wat else am I supposed to put up here…  I’m not really in that emotional frame of mind right now, so nothing of that sort for the first entry.  I’ll just periodically post stuff I suppose, as things come up and stuff.  We’ll see how active I get on this ‘Weblog’ thingy.  But hey, watever.