A First Look at My To-Do List App

I haven’t had an update about my To-Do List App, George, in over a month! I can’t believe that, especially since I’ve been using it for the last 5-6 weeks!

And the goal of those weeks were to give it a serious run as a personal tool, for my own use, with the explicit intent to discover if I would truly and honestly use it for my own needs.

I’m very, very happy to share that I’ve been using it and not only am I happy with the results but it’s actually done what I hoped it would do and that it would alter, very slightly at first, my real behavior when it comes to getting things done.

Here’s the very first look:


I couldn’t be more happy about the progress.

If you’re interested, I still need to get a few more folks to Alpha / Beta Test it… that’ll be coming soon, I think.