First Vlog

Every once in a while I’ll sit and watch, in full, the first vlog that I ever uploaded to YouTube, originally published on September 21, 2010:

I was trying to be a “problogger”.

Now, I had uploaded many more experimental videos before this one, since joining YouTube officially a year prior, but this was my first attempt at “doing” it intentionally with the hopes of my following and subscriber count would rise.

I didn’t have a comprehensive strategy nor did I really give this much thought other than the simple idea that video would, in some magical way, “enhance” my growing career as a full-time writer.

That’s not what actually happened as I never grew my personal channel to any meaningful size, but, it did set me on the path to becoming a much better communicator as a whole and contributed my growing superpower of writing in very meaningful and permanent ways.

Joined April 6, 2009

I share this because it keeps me grounded, humble, and refreshes my perspective about the power of compounding and how you “always start at bad,” for everything in our personal and professional lives.

There are many other things that I have tried that I haven’t kept at (and for good reason) but video seems to be one that I’m still not entirely done with — I still very much enjoy the process of coming up with a new story or topic to share with my community on my primary channel about what it’s like building and operating a venture-backed company in Silicon Valley.

At the very least it’ll be something that I, and my kids, can look back on with fondness and appreciate how fortunate we were to live in times like these.

Because it really is crazy the fact that we can build meaningful and deeply-satisfying projects with people that we’ve never (physically) met by using text, audio, and video-based communication tools.

It still blows my mind even today. 🤯