I don’t wear any jewelry, any at all.  I used to have
a necklace, but, that was in Highschool when I thought
I was cool, but really wasn’t.  I used to wear an earing,
but, I didn’t feel like that was necessary or something
I wanted anymore, and watches, I have always found
to be bothersome: they itch.

But, in a few more days, I’m going to put on this circular
silvery-looking thing on my left hand.  I took a look at
it last night, as I gave it to my bestman.  It was a brief
look, but, I had been meditating on it’s symbolism, meaning,
etc…  Some guys have small ones, some large, some heavy,
some light, some very ornate, and some uber plain.  But,
like many things, what really counts is what’s beyond the
looks, what it means to the individual, regardless of
appearance.  Mine means a lot to me.  I’ve had this
dream of how it’ll weigh a thousand pounds, of how when
I put it on my hand will tank to the ground because of
its’ weight and the magnitude of importance.  Yippee!

I think it’s shiny looking.  Sparkly. Wow!

I’ll have to remember to take it off when I work out.