YEN Fixes This

Decentralization isn’t just about the underlying technology stack; it’s inclusive of all workflows and systems that make up the meta system that ultimately defines the use cases and pre-determined outcomes. Good software design accounts for this accidentally while great software design thinks beyond software entirely.

When I designed YEN I imagined a world where artists, of all types, could share their art and could communicate freely without fear of penalty or reprisal. It would have to be one where the principles and value systems inherent in the meta system would allow for this type of culture while also following local, applicable laws.

This is a hard line to walk but we’ve solved most of the harder problems through marrying technology with culture to create a censorship-resistant tool that mitigates issues around deplatforming, predatory monetization / advertising, all tracking, confusing rights management, community persistence / data integrity, fake news, bots, scammers, trolling / cyberbullying, shadowbanning, and more.

Just none of that really has to happen in the future; in the metaverse.

If it sounds “too good to be true” then you’d be right except that it is, in fact, true through intentional product design that incentivizes constructive behavior while reducing destructive outcomes; the artist maintains creative directorship because their community space is part of their art; as is all things in the metaverse. You see, when everyone has the same, powerful tools it create negative incentives for mis-aligned behavior.

Now everyone has the power of their own “twitterverse” instead of having to compete for limited land (algorithmically-controlled feeds) that are inundated with advertisements. What you see is what you get and if you don’t like what you see (or read) then you can go create your own little spot in the metaverse with just a few clicks.

I have found great inspiration via the gospel and bitcoin in my design of YEN; and in many ways what bitcoin did for money, YEN has done for communication.

Bitcoin has empowered anyone, anywhere to send, receive, and store value. YEN has done the same allowing anyone, anywhere to send, receive, and store content (data / messages).

Kind of cool if you ask me.

Censorship-resistant communications platform.

And, like bitcoin, it’s censorship-resistant (as I’ve already mentioned).

Sure, a government could ban the use of YEN (and it might come to that at some point) but not necessarily because of what you’ve said or the art that you’ve created and shared. That’s not something that YEN and our community is about; we’re all for folks talking about what they want to talk about with whomever they want.

That’s part of the fundamental value system that we lost and that we’re trying to get back in the metaverse.

It’s not obvious that YEN will grow to anything bigger than the 50,000-ish folks who have created avatars in the metaplatform but that doesn’t really matter to me as much as the stories that have been built out of it.


The metaverse has changed my life and through it I have helped change other people’s lives. I know it now and I’m certain that I can continue to do just that; it’s very satisfying to boot! I just don’t need to be a public figure to do it anymore.

I’m excited for the next problem that I’m supposed to solve.

It is insane, right? You agree?

This has got to stop and it starts with you. So, you have to make big decisions and model the behavior that you want to see.

Like this:

It’s time.