A Focus on Blockchain

I shared this with my newsletter subscribers today… I thought I’d share it here as well, especially since I’m tired af and I written way too much copy and content for one day.

So, here it is…

If You Could Invest in “The Internet”…

… before it became a huge thing… knowing what you know now… you wouldn’t hesitate, right? Same thing might be said of mobile (or the iPhone and/or Apple) before it took over the entire world and accelerated our world into a mobile-first culture.

You’d go all-in, right? I mean, you’d drop everything to be part of that movement, correct?

Well, this is exactly what I feel about blockchain (and bitcoin and cryptocurrency).

Consequently, I’ve decided to share some pretty big news today, which is this: I’m working with my brother on a collection of products and apps in the blockchain space. These include a mobile app, a vibrant community, and a brand-spankin’ new YouTube Channel called “Decentralized“.

And I couldn’t be more excited. Truly. Blockchain may very well be the most significant technological advancement that I will ever have the pleasure of experiencing first-hand.

So, as I mentioned, I’m going all-in on this project and it’s going to be my singular focus for quite some time.

The timing is great too, by the way, as yesterday I finished my 365-day vlogging experiment… that was a great mental and physical exercise (and thanks for everyone who followed along!).

So, anyways, I hope you join me on this exciting new adventure. I’ll be sharing more along the way, as I typically do, and I’ll be spending more time on this brand new YouTube Channel as well.

Finally… if I can say anything (and I think I’ve said it already at this point… beating dead horse…) you should seriously take a look into Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and perhaps most importantly blockchain technology.

It’s going to change all of our lives for the better… might as well get a piece of the action, right?

Love you all. Let me know how I can serve you!

  • john