Make Sure To Keep Following @TentBlogger!

A significant change has occurred on Twitter today as I have changed my strategy up a bit as it relates to Twitter.

I’ve been managing 2 accounts, the first being @TentBlogger and the second being @Human3rror (the latter existing way before the former).

Today I swapped the names and have dedicated my time to @TentBlogger primarily.

What Does This Mean?

It simply means that if you’ve been following @TentBlogger you may be following @Human3rror instead.

All you have to do is follow @TentBlogger one more time and that’s it. Sorry for the confusion – working on some branding opportunities for the coming year as I try to consolidate properties and online personas.

What this ultimately means is that I’m combining my online time and efforts as well as combining “worlds” for better collaboration and synergy. What that means most simply is that I don’t have to manage 2 accounts.

*Whew* … I should have said that first!

Thanks all, appreciate the community and can’t wait to see it grow this coming year!