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I’ve reviewed all of his public statements and actions on coronavirus over the last two months, and they show a president who put almost no priority on public health.

Trump’s priorities were different: Making the virus sound like a minor nuisance. Exaggerating his administration’s response. Blaming foreigners and, anachronistically, the Obama administration.

Claiming incorrectly that the situation was improving. Trying to cheer up stock market investors. (It was fitting that his first public comments were from Davos and on CNBC.)

via NYTimes

He is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best liars out there, he’s at the very top of his game. In fact, he’s nearly perfected it! To his credit, he’s training more folks how to do it through his most-excellent and perfect modeling of how to handle even the smallest of relationships.

A real paragon.

This isn’t a political post inasmuch as it’s a thought experiment about leadership and influence. You see, the way we lead directly impacts (and creates) the followers that follow us; they become more like us because that’s what leadership does.

The quality of your leadership is the question. Your intent also matters a great deal too. Are you leading folks in a way that supports them? Or are you building your dreams on their shoulders and backs?

We all get to decide the types of communities that we join, learn from, and invest in—make sure you’re making the right type of investment.