📻 — Whatever You Do… Just Don’t Forget Your Why

Good morning folks!

It’s been a tough month for me personally — I won’t mince words. I personally struggled to find motivation this month to focus and execute. Yes, even I struggle with getting up in the morning and getting my shit figured out!

In other words… I’m very much just like you.

  1. Mighty! Strategies. Grab a peek. Pro graphics. Why. Masks. Suffering.
  2. Nintendo gives no effs. Press on. App data. Master of Coin. Use.
  3. Under-app weakness. Prod videos. Apple ads. Fun. Mission-focused.
  4. Heist? Everyday. Harmonised rules. Life on the spectrum. Whisky.
  5. Signed up. Commerce. Podcast, paywalls. MeganPlays. Legend.
  6. PakistAmazon? Guesty. Eric Nam. Future. Sharing less. Apolitical.
  7. OysterHR. Goldilocks. Gucci. Shadows and fate. Revert. Zengo. Cool.
  8. Fashion NFT. Current. Step. Upsetting. Tacit. Creator shops. Assethub!
  9. Amazon hair. Adventus. Whoa. Remote. Money, mouth. Love. Flywheels?
  10. Endorsed crypto. Creator economy. Moderate. Upgrade. Breakouts.

To infinity & community,

— john

Oh Simon.

When you start a new project it always starts with a ton of hope and promise and, if you’ve done it before, there’s a real sense of sobriety around the work; you know it’ll be a lot but you’re much more interested in getting started than “counting the costs” because — gaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddddd — there’s so much amazing work to be done; let’s get on with it!

And things start nicely; good even. Progress is being made with only an occasional frustration that is quickly dealt with because — shiiiiiiiiit — we’re “professionals” at this point, amirite?! A sale here, a sign-up there; we’re cooking with real fire now!

Then, it comes. So quickly that you didn’t even have time to assess if it came from behind or if you ran into it at 100mph. Doubt. Anxiety. Fear. Insecurity. All those things; with fangs, too. You find yourself back in bed during lunch-time — fetal position always comes standard — hoping that maybe, just maybe, the world will forget that you even tried this time.

In those still, small, obsessively-private moments you might meditate, pray to the Almighty, or just whimper under your breath, but just enough so that someone — anyone — might hear. Of course, no one does.

This is our own, deeply personal fight. This is how real; creative; work; gets done. It is born in the frustration and tears of those unwilling to give up. And we know that it’s glorious and that it, whatever “it” is, is worth it. The price of admission is just as good as the finale. Besides, we almost never stick around for that part anyway as we’re already on to the next, exciting, beginning.

Just don’t ever forget your why.