Foundation, Not Conclusion

J.K. Rowling’s story is well-known at this point but there’s still a lot to learn from it, especially as we all walk through the ups and downs of life and experience disappointment and failure.

But, instead of seeing failure as an end, perhaps it’s more of just the beginning:

  1. Seeing rock-bottom as a foundation and not a conclusion
  2. Using limitations to fuel resourcefulness and inspiration
  3. Increasing the probability of success with persistence

“Rock-bottom” is not a conclusion but rather a foundation, and the beginning of something great. The current situation, from where you are right now, is not the only path; it’s just one of many paths that are available to you and I.

There’s more encouragement via this post which has been a good encouragement to me:

I hope it provides value for you.

Your work matters, even (and especially) when you don’t feel like doing anything except sitting in your situation and allowing it to deteriorate your mind. Or, you can get back to work and building the momentum that you need to do your best work.

I mean, at least I have to get my shit together.