Founder with ADHD

Wow! Love this so much:

Getting diagnosed and starting the company showed me that I wasn’t lazy. Now I had hope.

via Andrew Askins

Why can it be so hard? Because, even the “simple” tasks can feel incredibly difficult to even start:

This is how it feels!

Totally agree with figuring out the solutions:

When you’re fighting ADHD, external stimuli are your enemies. Unstructured time (when your mind is wandering) is exactly when those stimuli attack.


Starting my day with a small win is a good way to remind myself that being productive feels good. Sometimes I’ll also knock out a low priority task first just because it seems fun. Because fuck it, I’m my own boss, and it’s okay to enjoy that.


Everyone should be lucky enough to find work they enjoy. But for those with ADHD it’s a requirement if you want to be successful.

But, even for those that don’t have ADHD, I think you want to find work that you enjoy and that you believe matters, right?