Pressgram on Fox News

I look (and feel) lost.

I look (and feel) lost.

I had a blast hanging out at the affiliate station here in Atlanta to be interviewed by Shannon Bream about Pressgram and it’s potential and value for online creators.

Here’s the interview in full below – thanks to everyone who grabbed a picture and recorded it for me! To be honest, I had no idea that it was going to be live until I walked in – I had originally been pitched the concept for a Saturday afternoon segment to be taped and then shared.

Whoops. Needless to say, I was especially nervous the moment this realization hit me as I’ve never really done a live news / broadcasting piece… ever.

But hey, I survived! Thanks to Shannon for pitching me some easy questions and again, to our community here that’s making a ruckus online!


Images of my experience as well as people from all over who captured my asian face on their tubes:

After watching myself here I believe I was as articulate as I could have possibly been, given the circumstance. For me, this was a big opportunity to “practice” my pitch on a significant platform so I can refine it over time.

How’d I do? Let me know if you have any tips, especially if you do this more often than me!