Freakin’ Sick Last Night

Well, I was so freakin’ sick last night.  I haven’t felt that sick in a long, long, long, time…  But, You got me thru Lord…

I had a really, realy good D-group, with Jobie… (sp) as my bible study leader.  It was really cool, cause all the guys were pretty straight with God and stuff, or so it seemed.  I was with them and we discussed Luke 11:1-4, and Matthew 6:5-15.  Talked about Jesus’s prayer to the Lord and what not.  Do we pray like hypocrits or like the pagans…?  Probably both, maybe at the same time sometimes… not good.  It was a good reminder not to pray out of pride and stuff and for show.  Do it by yourself… ne?  Some really good things I got out of it were…

Christians are like laborers.  Cool.  Never thought about that.  But, we are.

Just think… what if the only purpose I have in life is to father a great leader in Christ… and for me not to be a leader or great servant of the Lord… man, that sort of sucks, but, that is part of God’s plan…  Man…  Oh well, right?

There is a very big different between ceaseless prayer and long prayer… get it? got it? good.

Jobi made an interesting comment how we should pray that God uses us, inspite of us…  Lord, I pray, use me inspite of me.  Inspite of my short comings.  Yeah, taht is tight. Lord, I am so riddled with folly, just make my works be of You.

Jobi related how this is like a child gives flowers to his mother to give to his father.  The child gives the flowers, thorns and all, to the mother, who then takes out all the thorns and presents them, unblemished and perfect, to Father.  That is how we, as God’s children do our works sometimes.  So blemished and unperfect, but Jesus intercedes and picks out all the thorns and imperfections in them and gives them to our True Father, our Lord.  That was tight.  I liked that.

Besides the really good study, we were given a mission for the week, if we choose to accept it.  After spring break, we are gonna start reading Ephesians 1-6.  We are gonna keep another person accountable and contact them eachday to make sure they are spending time in the word.  That’s pretty cool.

SO, yeah, that night was awesome, except, I had to put my head down on the table while everyone else spoke because my head hurt so freakin’ much… i apologized before hand, and they all knew what was going on, but i was embarassed…  so we had a good time of prayer after that session.  it was kinda cool.  jobi was really frank about some stuff about relationships and pornography… kinda cool for him to go out on a limb like that.  I really appreciated his honesty.

Today, I got up like around 6… crapper, cause i went to bed around 10… i almost fell to masturbation, but, i didn’t.  i felt aweful last night and i felt crappy in the morning, so, yah… but, i didn’t.  thank good ness.  i got up and headed to the library at 730, mad early… and tried to study some psych… but, didn’t.. i ended up snoozing on two chairs on the 2nd floor with simon.  it would have been a perfect kodak moment… but, no camera.  oh well.  i got up and took the test and probably did a little better than the firs tone, but, probably not by much.  i said hi to jennifer, who is in my class. that was cool.  after that, skipped my 3304 class and my 3404 class and worked out and read some comic books…!

haha, i got my whole-run of the “Infinite” series!!!  with my main man Thanos!  man.  that is so tight.  “Infinite Gauntlet”, “Infinite War”, and “Infinite Crusade”.  man, so good.  I just read the whole gauntlet series, and now, I’m just waiting for Sunny to go pick me up for the opera.. yeah..

Oh, yeah, i went to lunch with David Kimn.  I spent a good hour and half just chilling with him and talking about his freshman year.  I coudln’t really open him up in the beginning… it looked like I would have to do all the talking… but, we related a lot…!  especially about relationships!  and just searching for the ‘one’, not just some girl to date, but a wife!  man, that was kinda funnie to seee that in him, but, we related in that regards, which was kinda funky.  but, yeah.  i just went off about my freshman year and i heard a little from him. but, our conversation really took off when we hit relationships.  how funnie.  but, monica and jen joined us a little later while we were just finishing and we just chilled for a bit.  monica is half korean, have caucasion.  i thought so, but i didn’t think to ask… that’s cool.  I’m attracted to her physically, but, i don’t know much about her spiritual walk, but, i do see her at CCC adn what not and she goes to church and is going to Big-Break with CCC this spring wiht Jen… hm…   I dunno.  God, just keep me pure and safe… ne?

Ok, so, that wraps it up for today… gonna go see Madame Butterfly, the opera, with Sunny after hitting up sphegetti factory, or however you spell that italian word…. and then, i have to study for japanese, cause i just remembered that i have a japanese kanji test tomorrow… crappp!!!

Oh well, ne…


God, be wiht me, as always… im still feeling a bit weak, but, give me strength…