3 Free Personal Landing, Branding Templates for Download

It’s been an interesting season for me as I’m paring things back, reducing the number of projects that I’ve got swirling around my head, and clearing my headspace for the future. Much of this is due to recently released book on Steve Jobs which has seriously kicked my booty big time and challenged me to seriously consider all that I am doing and to again ask the hard question:

Am I focused?

I already knew the answer to that question and instead of sitting back, considering my options and asking people for advice I jumped into action since it was very clear that I wasn’t as focused as I possibly could be and wasn’t truly optimizing my time.

As a result I’ve been liquidating many of the domains that I’ve long held and having a fire sale on some of the active projects that have been taking up some of my time – many of them have already found buyers which as been really incredible.

One area in particular that I knew needed a bit more focus were my personal branding and landing pages that have been fun but that needed to also be stripped down and cleaned out.

The result? I’ve done away with all of them except one: http://john.do

It didn’t take too much time and the relief of having just one to focus and create a single story around who I am was pleasant.

But what I thought I’d do is freely release the ones that I’m no longer using, for your own use, just like I released one of my other templates earlier this year.

Feel free to use them for your own use, hack them up, give them your own customization, and please let me know what you come up with!

*Old* John.do

This is a clean and very simple personal landing page with the option to share some neat area for images or even a portfolio if you’d like.


This was a fairly simple version as well.

Feel free to edit the background image of yourself or some other neat icon or picture.

Of course, make sure to check out another landing page template for download here as well! Enjoy!