Freed Pan-Deepfried

jkeller that’s Dennis Dolan – finance

jkeller he’s in a 50’s band, and is livin’ the dream….
john|food …
john|food uh.
john|food cool.
john|food i think.
jkeller ;)
chip yeah, it’s cool
jkeller takes balls to come in with that kind of doo
john|food so, who grew up in the 50’s here?
john|food puahaha.
cw yeah, he’s the guy who approves/denies special pricing for sales folks
cw when sales people want to give customers special deals
DennisC it’s all about the rockibilly lifestyle man
cw so yeah, balls of steel.
john|food i wonder if he gets paid more because of his hair.
john|food ..
john|food some massive maintainence.
* chip brings up The Stray Cats and Reverend Horton Heat
chip woot1
john|food ?
DennisC I have a stray cats CD
DennisC cely:  I think my heartrate has jump a few
john|food would i be scar’d for life if i hear this music/
DennisC you must be sheltered
cely DennisC: so how was it?
DennisC it’s pretty good
DennisC I’m just afraid of the sodium content
DennisC 89% is a lot
chip mmmm Zesty!
cely yeah, but that’s based on a 2000 calorie diet
cely we all know you eat 10,000 calories a day
cely so you’re ok
DennisC yeah, right
jkeller rev Horton Heat is pretty good in concert
cely the best yakisoba is served by street cart vendors at festivals in japan
chip hell yeah
chip I’ve seen the Reverend twice
jkeller that friggin flame t-shirt makes me want to go buy an old chevy and ‘rod it
freed man, that’d be a nice show…
chip hahaha
john|food festivals in japan… mhmmm…
john|food the best yakisoba i’ve had was at my school cafeteria.
cely gah
cely you’ve got to be kidding
john|food actually, it was pretty good.
john|food it was home made.
john|food this was while i was livingi n japan.
john|food and going to school there.
DennisC he didn’t mean the georgia school he went to cely
DennisC cause we all know georgia has the best asian cuisine
john|food pan-asian. *ahem*
john|food i actually vomited after eating GT food.
cely is bkallinen here?
sleibrand georgia can’t even handle pan-american
sleibrand cely: he’s not at his desk
DennisC he’s s-w
freed pan-deepfried
cely DennisC: it’s 2 japs vs 1 korean – let’s get him
DennisC yeah
DennisC won’t stand a chance
john|food whatever man. dennis is half-baked.
DennisC after eating those noodles yeah
sleibrand ethnic strife in #noc!
john|food time to bring in the regulating whities.  oh snap…
cely DennisC: quit talking smack about the yakisoba
* sleibrand is now known as Whitey
* Whitey is now known as sleibrand
* chip is now known as RedNeck
RedNeck …
* sleibrand wonders who dino will be
john|food dino’s been to tech.  he knows how it goes.
dino you see how I’m tan even in the winter?
dino Italy represent!
RedNeck so… Whop?
john|food dino’s got asian in him.
* sleibrand is now known as Kraut
RedNeck john, only when dennis is over
john|food puaha.
* Kraut is now known as sleibrand
eug noc
sleibrand noc
sleibrand who’s
sleibrand there
* jkeller is now known as Nazi
sleibrand uh oh
eug turned off the wrong box while trying to build bridge-spare.acs
cely EUG!
cely WTF!
sleibrand heh
eug pretty much
eug yeah
eug so it’s coming back up
sleibrand which box did you kill?
* RedNeck is now known as chip
eug bridge2
sleibrand k
sleibrand no biggie
dino chip: it’s WOP, not WHOP
cely OMFG EUG!
eug hehe
cely you’re fired
dino it stands for With Out Papers
sleibrand if it was bridge1 we’d have to kill you
Nazi ja
dino freaking hillbillies
dino can’t even get their slurs right
eug :D
iggy dmbogo Just fyi MCI called for tix 173101.. they just said they escalated with verizon to get an update
chip dino o, I’m not up on my racial slur spelling
eug it’s fscking now
* Nazi is now known as jkeller
DennisC wow, sounds like my ticket.  They just told me the same thing
dmbogo thanks iggy