Fixing Up French Doors for My Blogging Office

[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]

Just a small update to my efforts on building the best office for a problogger ever – I’m slowly on clearing out the rest of the garbage and packaging materials that accumulated into the space – it would seem that the office is the best spot for items that are categorized as “I’m not sure where this goes yet.”

#sigh – it is what it is.

Beautiful things. Need to be restored though.

But one thing that’s taking up space that doesn’t bother me is two original french doors that are nearly 100 years old that we’re going to restore and put back in place to create some separation of the space between all things “office” and all things that end up being part of a “playroom” for my kids.

Without this delineation all rooms are fair game to be played in and that can’t work when I’m blogging! And quite frankly I’m tired of shhhhhhhhhing my daughter – better to have some doors and be done with it.

Love the handle!

The updates for this project might start coming in a bit slower as I’ve had to re-arrange some family finances a bit to handle some “fun” business decisions that I’ve made in the past year.

Ahhhhhhh. It’s so much fun being a small business owner! Thanks for hanging with me on this long-term process! We’ll get there – I promise!

[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]