I Use FreshBooks to Manage and Invoice Advertisers for My Blog

There was a question recently by a community member asking what I use to help bill and invoice advertisers on my blog and that’s an easy answer: FreshBooks!

I use FreshBooks for everything that I do online as it relates to building estimates for potential clients and advertisers, invoice and billing, as well as to track my expenses as a Professional Blogger.

I use this especially for creating drafts/invoices for large scale business partnerships which is one of the suggested ways to make money blogging.

Here’s a recent example of an invoice I sent out for one:

[Milk Engine is my parent organization and legal entity for my blogs.]

As you can see, it doesn’t look too bad, right? Perfect for a minimalist like me!

I love this web service and couldn’t even dream of using any other online billing solution. They even have a mobile application, MiniBooks, that I use just as often:

Finally, I use FreshBooks for the management of my other income streams, especially contracts, consulting, and projects.

If you haven’t used an online system like FreshBooks but need one you need not look any further! I recommend FreshBooks without hesitation!

So, what do you use?