I’ve come to learn that I like the concept, the idea, and the ideal of friendship more than friends themselves.

This is a hard truth to swallow (and reveal) but I have discovered that it is far too much work and costs way too much emotional energy to actually have friends – it is much better, in fact, to have a circle of acquaintances that know very little about you except for the information which you selectively (and strategically) share with them.

This way you can control expectations a bit better, manage relationships like business transactions (without the mess of emotional baggage), and drop them when they are no longer useful or potentially pose a threat to your lifestyle and stability.

Makes sense, right?


Do I really believe this? Perhaps. Am I just venting? Maybe. Do I believe in friends and friendship? Possibly.

Are we all guilty of being really stupid friends to others? Yes. Does that mean you quit on them? Eh…