From the Future

One of the best parts of working (and living!) in the decentralized (and #defi) culture is that it feels as if I’m literally living in the future.

This is because most folks, today, do not even realize that they are, in fact, living in a decentralized world! Even that word isn’t something that most folks have ever used… even once in their life!

That means there’s a lot of opportunity for a lot of folks to build not only industry-changing products… but also a few folks will have the opportunity to build entirely new categories of business!

YEN will be one of them. Why? Because we’re from the future and we’ve come back, bearing gifts. What are these gifts? They are actionable insights into the way that the world operates, connects, and builds relational and business value.

Everything is turned on its head, a bit, and the way that folks think and communicate that value is not just different, but more effective and efficient and more true to form and essence than what we’ve all seen in a very long time!

In a way, the future looks very much like the past: Things are simpler, the relationships are more authentic (i.e. less manipulated like algorithmically-managed feeds), and folks are spending more time being in relationship with each other than trying to maximize throughput.

It’s why I think the folks who are the most equipped to build the future are the ones who are already living in it.