Don’t Quit Before the Fruits of Your Labor are Revealed!

Dum de dum... Zip!

The biggest challenge that most bloggers have isn’t the creation of content, choosing the right WordPress Theme that best showcases their personality, or even getting traffic to their blogs via Facebook or Twitter – the biggest challenge is simply not quitting.

You’ve probably experienced being a victim of your own blog’s demise already – perhaps more than a few times over already. You started that new blog with defiance telling everyone you know, and especially yourself, that “this” is the “one” and that you’re going the distance and that you’ll blog every single day because you’re so gosh-darn passionate about this particular subject (with even a bit of focus perhaps!).

Three months later you’re scratching your head and you don’t even want to boot up the blog to look at it much less the back-end administration panel to write anything. You’ve quit. You’ve become depressed and it’s most likely because you weren’t seeing the results that you had expected to see.

Not bad.

After working online for all these years I know of only a few things that seem to hold true, the biggest truth is that the internet is extremely fickle and you simply have no way of knowing when the proverbial lightning will actually strike. Seriously. 90% of this business is pure luck. The other 10% (and that’s a big 10%) is part strategy mixed with a heck of a lot of execution.

The other truth is that those that presevere are the ones that eventually succeed in the ways that they had always hoped to suceed. In other words, those that don’t quit after the initial romantic/honeymoon period is over are the ones that will see the fruits of their labor.

In the blog world this happens all the time, and it continually happens to me over, and over, and over again. For example, last week one of the biggest blogs in the world picked up a blog post that I had written years ago (September 5, 2009!) and sent me a cascade of traffic that was unsolicited but much appreciated.

The formula? Quite simple. I saw a nice little uptick in my blog traffic because I first blogged that post years ago and then decided not to quit. Easy, right? Not only did I get some nice traffic for a blog I don’t touch very often but I saw some nice residual benefits of being given exposure on an international stage (like more email/RSS subscribers, a flurry of new Twitter followers, etc.) here on this blog.

The point is that I didn’t quit before I was able to see some fruit of my labor. I didn’t stop blogging because I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped to see. I kept publishing because I really enjoy publishing and I let the results work themselves out in time.

I want to encourage you not to quit. It seems I have to opt-repeat this encouragement but that doesn’t bother me. Let your efforts mature over time and you will see some nice fruits eventually. Sure, there’s no guarantee, but you knew that before you even hit “Publish” that first time, right?

Enjoy the process. Go long-term. Run the good race. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.