The “Full” Experience

The “full” experience of Teeny Tokyo isn’t going to be much. As I’ve already shared, there is really only a few screens that I plan on building (see UI / UX Estimate and Development Estimate).

Consequently, the user will first encounter this screen and be able to accomplish most of what they’ll want to do.


You’ll notice at the bottom are the existing settings that they have in place:


What you can do is change them as you’d like by clicking in that area:


And you’ll see a host of other options that I’m thinking about implementing. You can then lock those settings for future “drops” and so you’ll be able to, quite literally, drag, drop, and be done with it.

The full view looks like this:


And that’s about it. I’m thinking of creating a small menu icon where you can drag and drop images into it without ever having to see any of these screens as well, just like Droplr or CloudApp and many other native desktop apps:


And that, my friends, will be the “full experience” – not much, but dang, it should do the job.