“Full Name dot Com”

Every year I get this notice around this time and I give myself a moment to consider if I want to renew the yearly subscription fee of $14.90 to keep my Full Name URL:


The cost really isn’t really the issue as I’ve had it for more than 10 years (I can’t remember where I originally registered the domain but I do remember spinning up a server back in July of 2008 on MediaTemple):

Those were good times.

… I’m sure I registered it before then, but, it doesn’t really matter at this point in time. Currently, http://johnsaddington.com is redirected to this blog, but in the past I used it as a personal branding / landing page of sorts, which looked like these:

I still believe it’s an important thing to get your full_name.com address, if you can, for a number of important reasons, but the more important one is simply related to control.

You see, we live in a Google Search world: People will search for any and all information on who you are and it’s more important than ever before to control (or at least manage proactively) as much of that information as possible.

Although this blog series on Personal Branding is a bit dated, it still captures a lot of truth for folks about the importance of managing your data (and larger story / narrative) and how to best think about these types of things. These landing pages were one way that I could manage and control the story of who I was and the work that I do.

Although I don’t use the domain in this way anymore as my search engine ranking for my name (“john saddington”) is very strong and this blog serves as the chief source of information on all things related to a “john saddington,” I do have a landing page for my brother and I:

I probably need to refresh this soon.

We booted up this for a few reasons:

  1. We both wanted new email addresses and so we spun up @saddington.vc addresses for both of us to use, which we felt was scalable and usable for the rest of our lives, especially since any company email address (e.g. john@companyname.com) would not be as permanent.
  2. There was an idea, at one time, that we’d both go into venture capital formally or private equity or do some sort of family office investment vehicle… But, we have the web address and emails for that possible future.

Who knows.