Full Stack Open 2019

A free software development course that’ll give you some awesome skills:

This course serves as an introduction to modern web application development with JavaScript.

The main focus is on building single page applications with ReactJS that use REST APIs built with Node.js.

The course also contains a section on GraphQL, a modern alternative to REST APIs.

via Full Stack Open

I love this line though and caveat:

Participants are expected to have good programming skills, basic knowledge of web – programming and databases, and to know the basics of working with the Git version-control system.

You are also expected to have perseverance and the ability for independent problem solving and information seeking.

Perseverance is one of the most important qualities that any software programmer has, a real stomach for solving problems and being okay with the iterative process of discovery, through personal reflection and introspection as well as collaborative dialogue fueled by curiosity.

If that sounds interesting… then software programming might be something you should look into.