Make It Fun Again

Why do most builders build? There are, of course, many core reasons why someone would trade their most valuable asset and resource (i.e. their time) but I’d argue that most folks who build stuff do it because they enjoy it.

The problem is that we lose a lot of that enjoyment (and fun) as we try to find way to monetize our work. This is especially true in the context of business-building but I think that’s both a shame and an unfortunate because I don’t think it has to be that way.

This is why applications like TikTok are growing insane-mode right now – they’ve built an entire app on having fun:

TikTok has none of that. Instead, it’s that rarest of internet creatures: a place where people can let down their guards, act silly with their friends and sample the fruits of human creativity without being barraged by abusive trolls or algorithmically amplified misinformation. It’s a throwback to a time before the commercialization of internet influence, when web culture consisted mainly of harmless weirdos trying to make each other laugh.

via NYTimes

And it really is quite fun! I’ve spent a few moments inside the app and I love everything about it, especially the fact that folks are incentivized to be fun, creative, entirely goofy, and… *gasp*… themselves…?!

I think about this constantly while building a “more serious” (financial) product for our users in YEN but there are a ton of opportunities to make it actually quite fun indeed.

A lot of it will center in individual goals and gamification as well as corporate and community-centric elements that we hope to introduce eventually (after we finish building the damn thing).

We have to insert as much fun into the equation as possible… because that’s why I started this project in the the first place. If we lose that, then, what the hell are we building for anyways?