The Future is Lo-Fi

This has been around and it’s fun to watch but it’s precisely what no one ever wanted:

This version of our future is clearly dystopian and I reject that outcome entirely because it’s based on the premise that your data isn’t yours and it believes in a future much like our present where you’re being monitored 24/7/365.

The metaverse solves this.

In YEN we’ve built a space for community and conversation that doesn’t have any tracking. In fact, I’m not even precisely sure how many avatars we have and their distinct make-up — meaning, I’m not entirely sure how many anonymous avatars there are versus pseudonymous versus meatspace! All I know is what I see in a raw log-file on my server: 2k+ (200+ more last night while I was sleeping!!) folks have come through, defined an avatar, and begun to build in the future.

These are exciting and very heady times, if you ask me. The ability to operate censorship-resistant, un-trackable conversations in the internet is back like a motherfucker! It’s back on the menu and it’s never coming down.

Unlike the Double Chalupas via Taco Bell which are the best but they can’t seem to figure out if it should be a permanent fixture and option in their menu!

ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

Figure it out folks! It’s so obviously the best menu item of all time — just keep it up on the menu all the time and we will be so much happier humans. Look at this fully-filled boat of absolute glory (🤮)!

Yum. Destroys my tummy though. My wife says I can’t have these anymore. Fuck.

The future is here (it’s not equally distributed) and it’s nothing like most folks thought it would be — which is entirely the point. The most powerful protocols and systems and innovations started as a whisper among friends, among the folks who truly understood the technology and its (potential) impact on society — they were the early, true believers. These, fateful few, would help build the very foundation upon which everyone else will create.

A crazy-amazing opportunity, if you ask me.

But to pull this off you need massive scale. You need to assume scale in your base model. To do this you need to devise a system that anyone can play, anywhere and everywhere the user is. To do that you necessarily have to strip things out until you can’t; great design is when there’s nothing left to take away, not add.

The protocol level of communication is actually quite useful; I saw this decades ago and I didn’t need high-fidelity graphics or workflows to build, enjoy, and participate in fantastic, magical, and fully-immersive experiences — back in the 1990’s!

Simply-put, I had everything I needed. An all-in-wonder tool that gave me nearly-unlimited creative freedom of expression. What in the serious…

How? I used my imagination. I filled in the gaps. That’s what you brain is actually designed for. It’s built to find patterns, fill in the gaps of working knowledge and eventually (hopefully) translate them into ones that are now tacit.

Welcome to the future which looks like the past because that’s what it always looks like.