The Future Starts… Yesterday.

Yesterday we finally found some time to head to the beach… and experience what we’ve been working towards for… months (if not years).

A little bit of a visual story, if you will:

Wednesday was our flight out to Honolulu from SFO — we started in our 2/2 apartment in Dogpatch above and then made our way to the airport.

A few random shots:

Our first night was rough while Thursday was about unpacking and quickly settling in! My amazing cousin “Moe” and a few family friends (Stan, Nik, etc!) have literally saved our lives, helping us with the transition — we could not have done it without them.

We spent that day unpacking and just doing nothing; too tired to go anywhere. Playing video games was a good alternative.

But yesterday we finally walked to the beach; just a short 14 minute-ish walk from our new home (in a wonderfully-gated and private community!) and an even better bike ride (when I find time to eventually build them).

As you can see, we are very near the south-eastern part of the island; one of my favorite parts of the it. A few pics on the walk and the surrounding “Hawai’i Kai Golf Course” that we live in:

Yes, we did it. We made it. And, I’m going to live in this new reality as hard as I possibly can! This is what the internet / metaverse was made for! Living our best life where ever we want, doing our art and sharing it with the world!

I honestly can’t believe that I get to do life like this. As a good friend said:


I’m not sure I “deserve” this but we’ve earned it, that’s for sure. My wife and I have been working very hard to get to this point and when we started making plans 10+ years ago, this is the vision that we had for our lives.

Then, I had to figure out how to build that lifestyle; one that could operationally and financially afford this type of workflow. And things just came together as we complete our 16th year of marriage this year! Yikes.

Arden’s celebration:

I feel that so hard.

The girls and boy:

And then, of course, me, the Mrs., and our new car — another Nissan Leaf! Look at how young Roenne was in that first iteration:

Time is moving fast my friends.

The next season of our lives started yesterday in a real way and we are never going back to just “okay” — we’re going to live our best life now while we still can. I mean, what’s the point of waiting for these types of things… really?

Here… we… go.