G or g


Something that I’m unsure about is whether or not I want to capitalize the “g” in Pressgram or not.

For many this might sound like a pretty small deal but it is, in fact, the exact opposite.

You see, in the spirit of WordPress, there is a culture of capitalizing the second word just like the conjunction of “Word” and “Press” – so you’ll see new apps or businesses adopt that nomenclature for their business.

And since it’s really the combination of two things, iOS and WordPress (and then adopting the “gram” from Instagram) you can easily see why my gut capitalized the “g” first: PressGram.

But, I also wanted to consider the fluency between Instagram users and Pressgram users – where the former has a lowercase “g”. So in that regard, I wanted to shorten the distance between the two applications to reduce the friction if possible.

What to do? Honor the nomenclature and culture of WordPress or reduce the mental friction and adoption for the end user?

The short of it is that I’ve decided to move forward with a lowercase “g” – I am more concerned with adoption and friction than anything else. This actually allows me to work well within the freedom of the Open Source philosophy so I don’t find much personal injury sustained.

But it took me weeks to come to this conclusion and I worked through so many different thoughts. I’ll spare you from the long-form explanation and just go ahead and hit the “Publish” button here now.