Gaining Traction

traction-bookThe #1 challenge for any startup is building traction (outside a great product or service).

Unfortunately, for many engineering-lead startups building the product is much, much easier and marketing and gaining traction comes in at a very distant second in terms of focus, time, and energy.

The problem is that gaining traction needs to be given the attention it deserves. How does one do that when you’re the only one of the team? That’s tough and I haven’t been the best at making it happen.

But thankfully I have this book, Traction, that provides a clear strategy and method for gaining ground and my hopes is to follow it closely as I build this little app up.

For instance, Gabriel Weinberg provides some simple and effective resources that an entrepreneur and startup team can walk through:


There’s also a neat cheat sheet too that you can leverage:


Being a visual person, this really helped me a ton!

As I walk through it I may end up writing my thoughts and process down here on this blog. I hope it can help provide others a real life look at how I’m attempting to implement the framework as well as my tactical results.


Let’s do this!

Follow along on my journey specifically around building and gaining traction via my Traction Category!