Above the Garage

[Above was once my “office” which also doubled as a living space.]

Within a year of finishing college I found myself attempting to put together some semblance of a career over my parents’ garage.

I had been fired from two jobs, back-to-back, in the span of a 6 or 7 months, had gotten married, and we were now expecting our first kiddo. The former issues were a combination of taking terrible advice and the latter were, well, those were clearly my decisions.

Regardless, I had little money saved and had virtually no idea what I was doing with my life, my career, and my extremely young marriage. To say that I was anxious and scared would be a gross understatement.

I can distinctly remember one evening where my wife, who was incredibly pregnant at this point in time, sat with me in that small office room above the garage and looked me dead in the face and told me, essentially, that I had to get my shit together. She didn’t use those exact words, but, it was serious.

She and I also knew that we could trust God for even this great unknown. We believed that there was purpose, even when we couldn’t see it explicitly, and that we didn’t have to worry nor fear for our collective future.

But I had a responsibility and a part to play so I swallowed my pride (again… after I got fired I got a job at KINKOS copying stuff for people who couldn’t figure out how to use a copy machine) and I went out that day and got a job at Starbucks, to at least cover some of the medical costs that were eating me alive. And, at night, I was applying for software and technology jobs so that I could get my career back in order.

Since that time I’ve had a number of “above the garage” moments I would say, where I’ve been faced with really scary changes in my professional career. Some of those were self-inflicted while others were a “collaboration” of sorts.

But I’ve landed, every single time and have found firm footing while discovering more of what it means to stay faithful to the small things, love my family deeply, and believe more genuinely and authentically in a real God who’s really in tune with what’s going on.

It’s not magic nor is it science; I think it’s an on-going narrative of our lives and in those moments, which are few and far between, of complete surrender you get to see a bit beyond oneself into a wonderful unknown.

I do not love nor look forward to any of those “garage” moments (and I imagine you do not either…), but, they are fundamental to who I am and have kicked off the pathways that have made life exciting, enjoyable, and infinitely memorable.


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