I’ve been traveling way too much recently and I hate it.

Well, more specifically, I hate flying. The trips to and from the airport, the possibility (inevitability) of delays, the chaos of boarding and exiting the aircraft, and then, of course, the insanity of having to sit in tight quarters with folks who may equally detest being there with you.

It really is just a gathering of miserable people.

And as much as I’d like to think that I get a lot of stuff done while traveling… the reality is that for all the work that I may get done… I then have to spend a few days recovering from the trip itself.

This loss of consistent productivity via the recovery stages is really hard on me… but even more important is the fact that I really just miss my family.

I miss my best friend and I miss seeing my kiddos. I just want to be home more than anything else these days.

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