George and Dynamite

I saw this on Reddit the other day… I immediately LOL’d:


Of course, this reminds me of the brand that I created for George where I purposely created this type of imagery:

There he is…! George!

The idea here was simple… George, who is your best friend in the entire world, wants to love on you all the time. He’s there when you wake up in the morning and he’s there when you head to sleep.

In fact, he’s persistently and constantly vigilant, on your behalf, ensuring that you get all that you need to get done! And, on he’ll do whatever he can to help you out!

When he finds things that he believes you might like he brings them to you faithfully… and, in this case, innocently. Again, he just wants to love on you!

Don’t worry…! It’s more like this…

But why the dynamite? Why an “explosive” device?

That’s because I’ve built the app with a distinct timing system to help you recalibrate your efforts maximally. You see, George is in the business of helping you get things done and making sure that you get all that you need to get done in one single calendar day.

What the means, tactically, is that your so-called ToDo List will “self-destruct” every day. Although this might sound dangerous and make you anxious let me assure you that George is in the business of helping you become a better human, making sure that you only record what you need to get done and letting the rest disappear.

This philosophy of getting things done is one of simplicity and function. It’s one that trains you to make better decisions about what you capture in a ToDo List App and what is superfluous and non-essential.

And believe me, George wants to help you focus on what matters and remove the rest from the table, sotospeak. And he does that in service of you.

That’s what the George brand is all about and that’s what this small hyper-utilitarian app will do for you. George will help you get things done and train you to focus on execution above everything else.

I think you’ll fall in love with him (and the app) and in time you’ll find him to be an uncompromisable part of your daily routine and workflow. He’ll always be there for you, ready to assist in making your life a little bit more full of the good stuff while eliminating the stuff that’ll slow you down.

I hope you like it.