Getting Dressed

It’s been a rough few weeks after getting back from a much-needed vacation as I’ve gotten a cold (and perhaps more than that) that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

The pain is bad but the worst of it is the fact that it pretty much makes everything else around you seem and feel bad too, or at least much more than it actually is.

Conversations that would make me feel fine or neutral end up feeling worse than they probably are. My instincts can take a negative tone and my perspective is clouded, simply because my sinuses don’t want to work as they normally should.

But this morning I realized that, regardless of how I feel, it is most important to simply get dressed, both psychologically but also (and as equally important) physically.

This morning, despite the fact that I’m working at home to avoid any office unpleasantries (and distributing any sickness), I still wanted to get through my morning routine, put one foot on the floor, hop in the shower, and even (gasp) comb my hair.

The process is cathartic but also important. I think it represents much of what I’ve come to expect of myself and what I believe is salient to who I am as a person: That the process of work (and ready to work) can be as important as the work itself.

The battles that we face, at least the really tough (and most significant) ones, are always internal. It’s facing the mirror, asking the hard questions, and determining for oneself what the day will be. I was reminded recently of a quote and idea that you’ve probably heard yourself:

Failure is your own invention.

And it really is true, probably in more instances and circumstances than we’d like to admit. Sometimes it’s easier to label something, an experience, or even a person a “failure” than to really diagnose, understand, and appreciate it (and them) for what (and who) they really are.

I have invented many failures. I feel like I’ve experienced a ton of them as well. I’ve certainly been labeled a failure by others as well, although I suspect their understanding of the term is limited and shallow.

The bottom-line is that everyday we must do our very best to get dressed and get ready for what’s coming. The feeling, do you sense it? Excitement.

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