Give Grace Gratuitously

The #covid19 challenge, as I like to call it, is now a global phenomenon and folks are now required to stay home — “Shelter at Home” is what they are calling it here in San Francisco.

These are important steps, more than to just “flatten the curve” — the goal now is to reduce caseload, period. We need to give our medical system the time it needs to catchup and prepare for the worst.

Naturally, we’re all praying for the best.

My thoughts are now moving to the families most impacted by these changes — the fact that many working professionals are now forced to work from home, an entirely old and boring concept to folks like me but a viscerally-frightening first for many, many others.

The challenges that many of you now face is something foreign to me, at least now, but I know what it’s like to do this full-time and it’s still very difficult most days to get my shit figured out.

I shared 3 tips on a recent vlog on which might be helpful but it’s more important to remember that you’re simply not going to be optimal (i.e. at 100% productivity) for quite a while—no one is.

In fact, we’re all depressed, in one way or another. Some folks are showing it more obviously than others, but, I’m pretty sure that everyone is feeling the psychological effects of what is happening to our planet, our world, our friends, and our beloved family.

Tempers are short, people are on edge, and we’re all spending a lot of time reading the news; a good friend of mine has never tuned in to #twitternews but is now hourly-digesting content.

How is anyone supposed to really get anything done?

Well, we will. But, it will take us time to “get back” to one-hundred. Until then, we need to give each other a huge helping of grace. Gratuitously.

You know, like, do it so hard that you don’t know if you can give anymore.

And then give more.

Make sure you save a bit for yourself too.