The Gift of Writing (To My Daughter)

One thing that I’m generously encouraging for my oldest as we continue to explore new activities for hackschool is writing consistently, if not daily.

The value of this precious activity can’t be overstated as it’s increasing her ability to communicate in every possible facet of her life. And, just like me, it’s forcing her to slow down and contemplate important ideas and experiences that she’s encountered through the day (or via her daily assignments).

Naturally, I’m thrilled that she is enjoys writing and the idea that she’ll be an infinitely-better communicator than me when I was her age tickles me greatly.

It’s a discipline and a skill that is going to serve her the rest of her life and I can only imagine the opportunities that she will be able to reap through the years that she will sow, if she can stick with it.

I think the best thing that I’ve done throughout her young life is model a lifestyle that puts writing and, more importantly, the discipline of taking time out meditate, reflect, and respond to what is happening in life, as a priority.

She has seen me write, daily, for as long as she can literally remember. I count this as a gift that will keep on giving and that I joyfully give to her. I hope she becomes an amazing storyteller; I know that I will learn a lot from her stories.

[And, of course, I hope she will continue to use Desk App. I am very motivated to make the app amazing for her.]