Give, Give, Give

I love this via Seth Godin so much:

Culture, it turns out, is built on people losing in the short run on behalf of the long-term win. Connection and trust and reputation are worth more than any single inning.

I haven’t always believed this to be true because I was simply unaware of this principle, as it works. But, my actions have always mirrored the outcomes.

In other words, I have spent my entire career giving away what I know instead of hoarding it, sharing with folks as much as possible the learnings that I get, as close to real-time as possible, knowing that through giving away I can ultimately receive.

This is how Godin’s principle manifests itself in my own life. I might “lose” in the short-term by offering up my time, my services, my insight, and my resources but in the long-run I gain influence, a trusted reputation, and a collective and aggregate value that money can never buy.

And it’s worked. 1,000%.

If I were to have done things differently in my younger years it would have been to invest even more explicit time into giving things away. This means allocating time in my already-full schedule to practice the art and science of giving, of service, of providing free value to others as much as I can.

Opening the doors for others isn’t just something we physically do when you bump into someone headed toward the same coffee shop as you are… it’s something you can do digitally… and at scale.