Building our Glossary

At some point you’re going to want to sit down and define the actual terms you use, not just in your (technical) product but also the organization as a whole.

This exercise and practice is simple enough but is important enough to do early in your new project as even the smallest miscommunication can have long-lasting results.

All the credit goes to Agata B.!

Or, at the very least, you’ll be confusing when you’re talking with your team and community! Do it for them, right? Do it for everyone.

Here’s a look at what our current Glossary looks like:


glos·sa·ry — noun

  • an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with expanations; a brief dictionary.


  • A privileged User who can manage all Workspaces and has access to platform-wide admin tools such as Admin Dashboard.

Admin Dashboard

  • A tool for managing Users and Workspaces within the YEN Platform.

Chat Application (aka chat)

  • The application where users can communicate with each other via channels created within a Workspace and messages created within those channels.

Guest User (aka guest)

  • User who has accessed the YEN Platform without creating an account
    by sharing their email with us.

Plugin (aka yidget)

  • The pluggable piece of code YEN customers can embed on their website in order to integrate their website with the YEN Platform.

Registered User

  • User who has shared their email with us and has created a permanent account within the YEN Platform.


  • An individual user of the YEN Platform, whether it be a YEN employee having admin privileges, a YEN customer such as a website or a business owner, or a user who has signed up and accessed YEN Platform through a customer’s website.


  • An individual “chunk” of the YEN Platform isolated from the rest of the platform and dedicated to a single YEN customer (for example, a website owner), managed by a Workspace Admin; users in Workspace A cannot see users and/or channels and messages that belong to Workspace B.

Workspace Admin

  • A privileged User within a Workspace who can manage the Workspace and has access to Workspace admin tools such as Workspace Dashboard.

Workspace Dashboard

  • A tool for managing Users within an individual Workspace.

YEN Platform

  • The entirety of YEN product that includes the Plugin, the Chat Application, admin tools such as Admin Dashboard and Workspace Dashboard.

Grateful for Agata B. who put this together!

[Post originally published on Indie Hackers.]