My mother still sends me clippings from newspapers and magazines that she feels I would be interested in reading. It’s fascinating because by the time she has sent me the clippings they are either at least a week old (or more) and I’ve almost always read them (the direct article as well as any surrounding perspectives that may have been linked).

But I’ve never told her to stop and I will read the article again because there’s something powerful in going analogue. There’s something powerful in hold those pieces of paper and turning the pages. There’s something powerful about not being as distracted by other places to read, click, and jump off to.

It’s not so much about the content as the content is the same yet the experience is entirely different. Yet here’s the remarkable thing that I’ve experienced when I go analogue: My retention is vastly greater.

And since my retention is greater so are my thoughts surrounding the content at hand. For example, the first time I read this article online I thought very little about it other than a virtual head-nod. But reading it again here had me stop and think for a bit about the implications of Japanese electronics and the models that have been created and recreated out of their perspective as well as how it’s impacted their bottom-line.

For what it’s worth I also enjoyed the article more. How fascinating, right?

I’ve been thinking more analogue these days as I am reminded how powerful tangible goods are and how lifeless the digital copies can be. I think we all need to go more analogue and remember how beautiful writing really is.