If You Typically Go Left… Go Right Instead.

Love this via Gapingvoid:

You are one you. There’s no difference between work you, personal brand you, home you, gym you — you are a single person, comprised of many elements.

The point is this: Your actions are your marketing strategy.

And, more often than not, it’s the small things that ultimately end up being the very things that people remember you for. These “small” things punctuate the much larger reality of your character.

Are you consistently late to meetings? Do you do what you say you do, more often than not? Or have people figured out that you’re kind of “that” person that doesn’t follow-through very well.

Are you a person who bullies others? Are you the type of person that defers to others more than they should? Are you the type of person that looks before you leap or the type of person that leaps and then looks later?

Maybe you leave a trail of broken relationships wherever you go or maybe you’re the type of person that leaves places better than when you first entered. Maybe you know it when you do it and maybe you’re totally oblivious.

Or perhaps you’re bold, take advantage of opportunities that arise and challenge yourself to stretch farther and harder than you have before. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re past is littered with inaction, opportunities lost that now feel more like regret.

These are the things people know you for. These are the things you’re known for. This is your marketing. This is your brand.

What’s nice, though, is that you can always change it. It might feel difficult, but, it’s not as hard as you believe. It just takes action. If you typically go right… head left instead.

Remember… life expands or shrinks in proportion to one’s courage.