Setting Specific Goals for Your Corporate, Business Blog

Which one(s)?

The next step as you mature your thinking around a corporate or business blog is what the specifically you’re trying to achieve – that is, your specific goals.

If you walked through the three important questions to ask oneself (and one’s business) and answered definitively positive in regards to moving forward with a blog for your business then the next step is quite simple: Figure out the primary and secondary goals of the venture!

Be as specific and as measurable as possible (although some will be tough to nail down explicitly). Here are some examples that might help guide your thought process:

  • Become a thought-leader in your niche, market segment.
  • Use it to be your primary communication channel to your users, customers.
  • Build a community around your business, your services, and/or your products.
  • Use it as a “basecamp” for all your other social media properties (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  • Increase sales by X%.
  • Use it as a customer service mechanism to engage/collect feedback from your customers. Decrease customer response time by Y%.
  • Use it for internal/external needs for crisis communication.
  • Have it become a talent requisition tool for new hires and your HR staff.
  • Use it for SEO purposes for your main properties, targeting specific keywords and phrases.
  • Leverage it for contests, giveaways, and promotional efforts for your business.
  • Use it as a platform for your CEO and other strategic leaders to create groundswell and interest around our company.
  • Use customer stories and user-submitted content from the community to promote social good.

Ad nauseum.

Again, the goal is to be as specific as possible. I’d also counsel you to start small and simple and grow from there. At some point it may seem that your blog will be functioning in all of your named goals but at that point it may not be doing any of them very well.

Try to keep to your stated goals and to the ones that are the most measurable. That way you’ll know if you’re actually doing a good job and the business blog is providing you that high return on investment that you want and need.

Do you have any other goals for your specific business blog? Care to add to the list for those that are looking for goals for their corporate blog? Add them in the comments!

[This is part of the Building a Killer Business and Corporate Blog Series. Image via CreativeCommons, .]