Going “FOB”

My oldest blew my mind with her new look! Before and after:

A few things of note:

  1. My daughter is so much cooler than me! I was never this cool or this daring when I was her age. I would have never done anything like this to my hair (and she’s going to change the color too)!
  2. This makes her look like a real teenager (she’ll turn 13 this year). It really does age her a few years. She’s growing up too fast! Stop. Please.
  3. I never went through a “FOB” stage (“Fresh Off the Boat”) but she’s going through it hardcore with her obsession with BTS. I find that equally fascinating and horrifying (more of the former, not the latter). It is actually quite fun to see.
  4. She’s teaching herself Korean which might be related to #3. Regardless, I think that’s really, really cool.

I have the coolest kids ever. Ever!

She particularly likes this guy: JIMIN YOOOOOOO!
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