Freemium Failed


This is a fascinating tale of how one app developer chose to go “freemium” and how it killed his app sales:

Some app ideas simply don’t lend themselves to a freemium model, financially speaking. One thing freemium compensates for is the lack of a free trial system in the App Store. But that is not a business model problem.

I have thought about going freemium with Desk before but I’m quite happy with what I’ve chosen to do right now with the pricing. In fact, the pricing will most likely change soon as well with some neat new things that I’m looking to do in the coming months with the app.

But more on that later.

The challenge of any indie app developer is to learn what works best for your app and your audience. I think what also plays a part of your decision-making process is how you market the app and how you gain traction.

For instance, in the above example he was banking mostly on network search and not through anything he was doing outside of the App Store, for the most part.

I, on the other hand, spend a ton of time working outside of that ecosystem to build customer and community confidence, to share thoughts and ideas about building a small indie app, and even how I’m building the app (and this other small one too).

With all that in mind you decide what makes the most sense and then you experiment wisely being open to changing things up when it doesn’t work. Be okay with it not working… as that’s kind of how it goes.