Good Artists Copy…

As we design our product and start to put together the larger moving parts of our mvp we’re finding opportunities at every turn to add our unique perspective and aesthetic — but only in the ways that truly matter and that allow us to stand-out.

In other words, we’re borrowing heavily from conventions that work; no innovation required. For instance, when designing our “Create a New Channel” view, we’ve decided to just borrow from existing examples that are known and usable, like Slack:

Thanks, Slack.

Many of our community members will have experienced tools like Slack and we don’t want any of them wasting any time learning a new workflow that doesn’t fundamentally change the outcome!

Consequently, our design is exactly the same (for now):

Nothing fancy.

This will make it easier for everyone to get to the outcome that they want! And, in this case, the ability to quickly & easily create a new channel in your community space.

Except, of course, that we allow you to monetize these channels and their access without skipping a beat.

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]