Good Job!

Good job!

[Part of the Designing the TentBlogger Brand Image Series.]

I really like this branding image! I think of my kids because I’m always telling them “Good job Roenne! Good job Arden!” I can see instantly how it boosts their confidence as I affirm them in positive ways.

I also try to share that same sentiment with the community here as many of you guys are taking your blogs a lot more seriously and making significant strides of improvement. I do in fact visit many of your blogs as you leave comments and it’s awesome to see how you’re taking some of my advice and practically applying them to your own properties.

When I see this happen I feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and I love it!

You guys are doing  a great job! Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come as a blogger and make sure you spend some time encouraging others today!

Have a great Sunday folks!

[Part of the Designing the TentBlogger Brand Image Series.]