Goodbye 465


It seems like only yesterday that we first walked into our sweet Craftsman style home in Candler Park nearly 3 years ago.

We’ve enjoyed every moment there and have made some incredible memories with our neighbors and our friends who live in the area. The house has also bore witness to a variety of life-changing events – ups, downs, and side-to-sides. We have laughed, cried, danced, mourned, and everything else in-between. A home is truly a sacred place.

For those curious we aren’t moving too far and we’re going to be staying in the same school district. We’ll probably rent for a while as we plan and scout for our next more permanent place. It’ll probably be Inman Park right across the road.

Why move? That’s easy as the first reason is that the house has appreciated in value by a frightening degree and we’ve been asked directly if we’ve wanted to sell it (you hear about those types of things but never think it’s actually going to be you).

The second is that it’s been a financially challenging season over the past few years and it made sense to both capitalize on assets and find an opportunity to restructure and reframe our needs, our possessions, and our very lives as we pare down and focus on the things that really matter.

The last 7 years as a product developer, leader and entrepreneur have been amazing and I’m so thankful for both the times of great plenty and the times of hardship that my wife and family have walked through. If we wanted an easier life we would have never made many of the decisions that we’ve made in the past but we would also missed out on some of the most exciting moments of our very lives.

A life worth living is one that is full of adventure, excitement, romance, intrigue, a hint of danger and a hell of a lot of ambiguity. You get all of that and a bag of chips when you decide to work for yourself and do things that you believe are far more significant and rewarding than just clocking in to a 9-to-5.

It’s the school of hard knocks, as they say, and you ultimately have to learn to roll with the punches – we’ve been down this road a handful of times having to reduce our lifestyles to make ends meet.

My family has lived in basements, above my parent’s garage, and in some really shitty places over the course of the last decade not because we wanted to but because we were validating our belief that the real stuff of value in life was more than just one’s zip code and the local homeowners association but rather meaningful relationships, a growing family unit based on love, respect, and presence, a growing exploratory and expressive faith, and work that was mission-driven.

I think my family continues to validate that core belief even today and it reminds us, yet again, that we have given far too many things too high a priority in life and place too much importance on temporal and ultimately unsatisfactory pursuits.

It also keeps me humble and hungry as I have not always made the best decisions relationally and vocationally – experience is a true and real teacher, isn’t it? To put it plainly, I have 100 times more failures that I do any type of success and I have been fortunate enough to have those few brief and fleeting moments of success carry me through the very tough times.

In other words I have seen all sides of the proverbial coin. I have “won” a handful of battles and have “lost” many, many more. I have worked with (and for) a handful of wicked and egomaniacal partners/employers in the past and have made investments in some really bad ideas and ventures. The cost of a few of these were much more than just financial – they were emotionally, mentally and even physically catastrophic.

But we have survived, we persevered, and despite much of it we have been able to thrive, to grow, and we have learned to love more deeply, forgive more freely, and live more openly than we have ever thought possible.

All-in-all we are moving for the right reasons and we are quite thankful that it’s not one of those do-or-die type of situations that have forced our hand in ways that are grossly uncomfortable. Instead we see this period as an opportunity to be pro-active instead of passive and the timing is neatly packaged.

I will admit that moving is an incredible pain in the ass regardless of circumstance and it’s worth mentioning that the only reason we’ve been able to manage this move is because of my wife’s hard work and a dear friend who offered tireless support to us for the past few months. If I were to define friendship I would present this person as a model for how it is done.

Here are a few shots of the house:

Again, this was none of my doing as I’ve been essentially MIA during this process for the neat work that I’m doing for The Iron Yard, Pressgram, and Desk PM. My wife is unbelievable and I count myself as one most blessed.

Ah… to think that 2014 is not even half-way done…! Wow… life is so exciting, isn’t it? Makes it all worth getting up in the morning, you know?