Goodbye AngelList …?

The process should have been simple — all I wanted is to delete my AngelList account, that’s all. Sadly, it took over 2 weeks to get it done (at least LinkedIn’s process was easy, which is the best part of that service).

For starters, apparently I didn’t have access to the “magical button” that allows you to quickly (and easily) delete your account:

Okay, so, I’ll email I guess…

So, that’s what I did:

The chain.

July 15th I sent a request and 4 days later Rajeev Jotwani says that “it’s done” except that it’s not. I continually ping them until yesterday, finally, it appears that my account is gone… kind of:

Oh well.

The most generous thing I can say about AngelList is that it gave me a some value (at least a barely registering, non-zero figure), but, that’s about it. I didn’t ever get a job through it or hire anyone through the system and I didn’t make an investments either while a certified angel.

I wonder how many others have similar stories. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The end.